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Beautiful Corset Wedding Dresses Like the one in Shakira’s Empire Video!


Find a corset wedding dress like the one Shakira is wearing in her haunting video Empire!




The dress she wears while standing at the door of the church is truly beautiful.  It is a sheer, tiered, ruffled corset wedding dress that I believe is breathtaking!  You can find similar dresses here!

Press the images below to browse similar dresses!


Here is another style of corset wedding dresses like Shakira in her video!

Press the image below to see the details!


I also found some beautiful champagne colored corset wedding dresses like in the beginning of her video too!

Press the image below to browse champagne colored corset wedding dresses!


Here is another one that will inspire you!

Press the image below to see!


and yet… another one!

What a striking impression on your wedding day to have a surreal, haunting dress like the one shakira wore in her video! The ethereal quality of strapless wedding dresses sets the tone for your wedding.  Corset wedding dresses are dresses that can be fitted to any body shape and that’s why they are so popular.


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